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  • This Depression era, hixploitation-gangster film is based on the real lives of criminal Kate "Ma" Barker and her Gang. The movie stars the late Shelley Winters as the loud mouth, crass, crazy mama and Don Stroud, Clint Kimbrough, Robert De Niro, Robert Walden and Alex Nicol as her out of control, deranged sons. The film follows the family after they leave their neer do well father behind and decide to go off on the road to live a life of crime and cause general havoc. This film is filled with scenes of nudity and violence (which makes it a must see for exploitation fans). Theres also scenes which insinuate homosexuality and incestuous relationships between Ma Barker and her sons. The film recalls other period gangster films of the time like Bonnie and Clyde (1967) as well. The final shootout is really excellent and emotional to watch. One thing this film does really nicely is move back and forth between over the top, knee slappin' humor and tragedy. Thats probably its best aspect. For fans of Robert DeNiro, you'll be able to see him before he was cast in breakout films like The Godfather 2 and Mean Streets. DeNiro plays the young Lloyd Barker who is a junkie. DeNiro gives a very goofy and comedic but also tragic character portrayal. Its not one of his best roles, but its an interesting one. --Pete
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