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Bloodlust (1977, Switzerland) is a rare horror movie directed by Marijan Vajda


Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Director: Marijan Vajda
  • Writer: Mario d'Alcala
  • Stars: Werner Pochath, Ellen Umlauf, Birgit Zamulo

Also known as

  • Mosquito der Schänder
  • Mosquito the Rapist

Release history

Cinema Arcana / Mondo: "Though it saw tape in England, Japan, Germany, etc. during the ‘80s VHS boom, curious Stateside fans mostly had to settle for traded bootlegs, with BLOODLUST not gaining legit release until 1999 when EI Cinema picked up the rights for its official domestic debut. Unfortunately, their tape was just in time for the DVD revolution, and a lot of horror fans had already moved onto more digital pastures. Now Mondo Macabro step up to give the film its Blu debut, giving it a new 2K restoration from the original negative with multiple language options, plus exclusive cast and crew interviews. "

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