Black Mama White Mama

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Main Details

Plot Summary

  • A black prostitute and a white revolutionary must form an uneasy alliance when they are busted out of prison and are pursued by guerrillas, bounty hunters and the army.

Also Known As

  • Chains of Hate
  • Chained Women
  • Women in Chains
  • Donne in catene (Italy)
  • Mare negra, mare blanca (Spain)
  • Mulheres Acorrentadas (Portugal)
  • Frauen in Ketten (Germany)
  • Czarna mama, biala mama (Poland)


  • Chicks in chains!
  • Where they come from this is fun!
  • Nothing Behind But Prison Bars. Nothing Ahead But Trouble.
  • Chicks in chains! Chicks in chains...On the lam from a prison hell-manacled together by hate and the strange ideas a woman gets after 1000 nights without a man.
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