Black Gold

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Black Gold (1979, Italy/France) is an Action-Spy-War film directed by Luigi Batzella.

Black Gold

Main Details

  • Released on June 26, 1979 (Italy)
  • Color
  • Running time: 90 minutes (Italy)
  • Production Co.: Eurociné | International Cine Holiday
  • Directed by Luigi Batzella
  • Written by Alain Petit
  • Starring: Richard Harrison, Gordon Mitchell, Florence Cayrol

Plot Summary

  • A diplomatic meeting between Western and Arab diplomats goes wrong, and a black gold dossier is firmly pushed across a desk. Against a background of hostages taken in an embassy, a covert operations agent, Benson, is given a mission in Paris. He is going into an Arab Emirate with a chosen group of operatives, and blow up an oil refinery. Getting in is easy, but getting out - well, that's another thing. In the end, among crossfire and grenades, and double-crossing, only Benson comes back to report mission accomplished. he will be gunned down by the Eiffel Tower by his own people. The mission was so secret that someone made sure "Dead can not speak."

Also known as

  • Strategia per una missione di morte (Italy, original title)
  • Black Gold (video title: Canada, Spain, Norway)
  • Black Gold Dossier (video bootleg title: USA)
  • Sabotage (video title: USA)
  • Stoßtrupp in die Wüste (West Germany)
  • La Guerre du petrole (France)
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