Across 110th Street

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    • If you steal $300,000 from the mob, it's not robbery. It's suicide.

    Main Details

    • Released in 1972
    • Color
    • Running Time: 102 Min.
    • Production Co: Film Guarantors
    • Distribution Co: United Artists (1972) (USA) (theatrical)

    Cast and Crew

    • Directed by Barry Shear
    • Written by Wally Ferris & Luther Davis
    • Starring Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto, Frank Adu, Frank Arno, Joseph Attles, Paul Benjamin
    • Produced by Anthony Quinn, Fouad Said, Ralph B. Serpe, Barry Shear, Richard Stenta
    • Cinematography by Jack Priestley
    • Film Editing by Byron 'Buzz' Brandt, Carl Pingitore


    Across 110th Street is a 1972 crime genre film Directed by Barry Shear and Starring Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto and Frank Adu. It features the classic soul title theme sung by Bobby Womack which gained a resurgence in popularity when Writer-Director Quentin Tarantino used the theme for the opening/closing of his 1997 crime film Jackie Brown starring Pam Grier.

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