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Main Details

  • Released in July 1962
  • B&W
  • Running time: 87 minutes
  • Production Co.: William Castle Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Columbia Pictures
  • Directed by William Castle
  • Written by Ray Russell, from Walter Kang's novel.
  • Starring: Tom Poston, Julia Meade, Jim Backus

Plot Summary

  • Jonathan Jones, a professor of ancient languages, comes into possession of an ancient coin. He translates its inscription, which gives him three powers: to inflict pain, slow down time or kill. Soon, he's pursued by enemy spies who have learned about the magic coin.


  • Zay It, Zee It and Zoon!
  • EVERYONE IS FLIPPING FOR ZOTZ! THE MAGIC WORD FOR FUN!!! (original posters-all caps)
  • The magic word for fun... ZOTZ!
  • An absent-minded professor discovers a super-secret that will give you the greatest lift since love!
  • 'Zotz' makes women go wild!
  • 'Zotz' panicks the Pentagon!
  • 'Zotz' has everyone howling!
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