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Yongary (1967, So. Korea/Japan) is a Kaiju film directed by Kim Ki-Duk


Main Details

  • Released in 1967
  • Color
  • Running Time: 80 mins.
  • Production Co: Keukdong Entertainment Co. (South Korea), Toei Co. (Japan)
  • Distribution Co: Keukdong Entertainment Co. (South Korea), Toei Co. (Japan), American International Pictures (USA)
  • Directed by Kim Ki-Duk
  • Written by Kim Ki-Duk & Seo Yoon-Seong
  • Starring Oh Yeong-Il, Nam Jeong-Im, Lee Seong-Jae, Lee Kwang Ho, Moon Kang
  • Produced by Cha Tae-Jin
  • Original Music by Jeon Jeong-Keun
  • Cinematography by Byeon In-Jib & Lee Seong-Chun

Also Known As

  • Daeguesu Yonggary (South Korea)
  • Taekoesu Yonggary (Japan)
  • Yongary, Monster From The Deep (USA)
  • Godzilla Toedespranke (Germany)
  • Yongary, Monstre Des Abysses (France)


  • The Monster From The Deep!!! Run! Hide! Save Yourself!
  • A Monster From Another Age With Terrifying Destructive Powers!
  • A mammoth being that invades the Earth!
  • Modern artillery failed to dent the hide of Yongary, WHAT NOW WORLD!?
  • A sea monster that thrives on petroleum is driven to destroy Korea.
  • Makes ‘Jaws’ look like a guppy.
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