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Xanadu (1980, USA) is a Romantic Fantasy-Musical film directed by Robert Greenwald.


Main Details

  • Released in 1980
  • Color
  • Running time: 96 minutes
  • Production Co: Universal Pictures, Don Bluth Productions (animated sequence)
  • Distribution Co: Universal Studios
  • Directed by Robert Greenwald
  • Written by Richard Christian Danus, Marc Reid Rubel
  • Produced by Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver
  • Starring Olivia Newton-John, Michael Beck, Gene Kelly
  • Music by Barry De Vorzon
  • Cinematography by Victor J. Kemper
  • Edited by Dennis Virkler

Plot Summary

  • The mysterious Kira (Olivia Newton-John) appears to assist and inspire a young artist, Sonny Malone (Michael Beck). When she helps him meet up with the rich Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly), the two join up together to create an artistic and business success, an unique club called Xanadu.


  • The Music, The Film, A Place Where Dreams Come True. [UK]
  • In Xanadu a golden goddess did decree... Welcome to your own musical fantasy.
  • A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True.
  • Where time stops and the magic never ends.
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