Women in Revolt

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Women in Revolt (1971, USA) is a Comedy-Drama film directed by Paul Morrissey.


Main Details

  • Released in December 1971
  • Color
  • Running time: 97 minutes
  • Distribution Co.: Andy Warhol Films
  • Written and Directed by Paul Morrissey
  • Starring: Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, Holly Woodlawn

Plot Summary

  • This film is a satire of the women's liberation movement, staring a trio of female impersonators. Candy is an aloof heiress caught in an unhappy relationship with her brother. Jackie is a virginal intellectual who believes women are oppressed in contemporary American society. And Holly is a nymphomaniac who has come to loathe men, despite her attraction to them. Together, they join a militant feminist group, P.I.G. (Politically Involved Girls), but their newfound liberation doesn't make them any happier.


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