What Ever Happened to Baby Jane

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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962, USA) is a Thriller film directed by Robert Aldrich


Main Details

  • Released in 1962
  • B & W
  • Running time: 133 minutes
  • Production Co: Seven Arts Productions
  • Distribution Co: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Directed by Robert Aldrich
  • Produced by Robert Aldrich
  • Screenplay by Lukas Heller, Henry Farrell
  • Starring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono
  • Music by Frank DeVol
  • Cinematography by Ernest Haller
  • Edited by Michael Luciano

Plot Summary

  • Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) is an aging child star left to care for her wheelchair-bound sister Blanche (Joan Crawford), also a former child actress. Stuck living together in a mansion in old Hollywood, Blanche plots to get even with Jane for the car crash that left her crippled years earlier. But Jane is desperate to keep Blanche imprisoned as she plans a new rise to fame, and tries to hide Blanche's existence from doctors, visitors and neighbors while she devises a way to get rid of her sister.

Also Known As

  • Argentina - ¿Qué pasó con Baby Jane? | Belgium (French title) Qu'est-il arrivé à Baby Jane? | (Flemish title) Wat is er toch van Baby Jane terecht gekomen? | Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Какво се случи с Бейби Джейн? | Brazil - O Que Aconteceu com Baby Jane? (DVD title) O Que Terá Acontecido a Baby Jane? | Germany Was geschah wirklich mit Baby Jane? | Denmark - Hvad blev der egentlig af Baby Jane? | Spain - ¿Qué fue de Baby Jane? | Finland (TV title) Mitä tapahtui Baby Janelle - (TV title) Mitä tapahtui Baby Janelle? - Mitä tapahtuikaan Baby Janelle? - (Swedish title) Vad hände med Baby Jane? | France - Qu'est-il arrivé à Baby Jane? | Greece - Ti apegine i Baby Jane? - Τι απέγινε η Μπέιμπι Τζέιν;| Hungary - Mi történt Baby Jane-nel? | Italy - Che fine ha fatto Baby Jane? | Japan - Nani ga Jên ni Okottaka? | Mexico - ¿Qué pasó con Baby Jane? | Netherlands - Wat is er toch van Baby Jane terechtgekomen? | Norway (alternative title) Hva hendte med Baby Jane - (alternative title) Hva hendte med Baby Jane? | Peru - ¿Qué pasó con Baby Jane? | Poland - Co sie zdarzylo Baby Jane? | Portugal - Que Teria Acontecido a Baby Jane? | Sweden - Vad hände med Baby Jane? | Soviet Union (Russian title) Что случилось с Бэби Джейн? | Turkey (Turkish title) Küçük bebege ne oldu? | Venezuela - ¿Qué pasó con Baby Jane? | Germany - Was geschah wirklich mit Baby Jane?


  • Things you should know about this motion picture before buying a ticket: 1) If you're long-standing fans of Miss Davis and Miss Crawford, we warn you this is quite unlike anything they've ever done. 2) You are urged to see it from the beginning. 3) Be prepared for the macabre and the terrifying. 4) We ask your pledge to keep the shocking climax a secret. 5) When the tension begins to build, try to remember it's just a movie.
  • Sister, sister, oh so fair, why is there blood all over your hair?
  • You'd better be shockproof before you dare find out!
  • Too late . . . too late . . . too late to call for help.
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