Voodoo Black Exorcist

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Voodoo Black Exorcist (1974, Spain) is a Blaxploitation Thriller film directed by Manuel Caño

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Main Details

  • Released in 1974
  • Color
  • Running Time: 88 min | 84 min (DVD)
  • Production Co: Mingyar P.C.
  • Distribution Co: Chamartín (1973) (Spain) (theatrical) | Horizon Films (1974) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Manuel Caño
  • Written by Santiago Moncada
  • Starring Aldo Sambrell, Tanyeka Stadler, Alexander Abrahan, Alfredo Mayo, Eva León, Ricardo Rodríguez, Enrique del Río, María Antonia del Río
  • Produced by José Antonio Pérez Giner
  • Music by Fernando García Morcillo
  • Cinematography by Roberto Ochoa
  • Film Editing by Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa, Frederic Vich

Also Known As

  • France - La vengeance du zombie
  • USA (dubbed version) - Voodoo Black Exorcist


  • This dude means business, so watch out when your nerves start to shatter!
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