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  • The film became controversial in the UK after it briefly appeared on the DPP 74 list of video nasties.
  • The limp Michael Ironside sports at the end of the movie was real; he broke his ankle on the first day of filming.
  • Star Michael Ironside was cast as Colt Hawker partly because he had given such a sinister performance in David Cronenberg's Scanners (1981), which was also from the same producers as Visiting Hours.
  • This was the first of the UK's infamous 'Video Nasty' films to be aired on television. The ITV network aired the film uncut in 1989 and subsequently the network received a fine from the Broadcasting Standards Council.
  • The hospital used in the film was Veteran's Hospital in Senneville, Quebec. It served for both interior and exterior shooting for the film.
  • The theme music for this film is modeled after John Carpenter's iconic Halloween (1978) score.
  • The films French title "Terreur a l'hoptial central" translates to The Terror of Central Hospital.
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