Vicious Lips

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Vicious Lips (1986, USA) is a Rock N' Roll-Science Fiction-Horror film directed by Albert Pyun.


Main Details

  • Released in February 1987 (USA) | December 16, 1986 (Japan video premiere)
  • Color
  • Running time: 84 minutes
  • Production Co.: Empire Pictures | ITM Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Empire Pictures
  • Written and directed by Albert Pyun
  • Starring: Dru-Anne Perry, Gina Calabrese, Linda Kerridge

Plot Summary

  • Sometime in the distant future, a fledgling band gets an opportunity for a breakthrough, if they can make it in time to a faraway planet to perform in a very popular club.


  • They're Lost and Loose in Outer Space.
  • Beneath a blood-red moon, the dream, electric. The planet, futuristic. The nightmare, animalistic.

Also Known As

  • Lunar Madness
  • Pleasure Planet
  • Red Moon
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