Unborn Souls

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Unborn Souls (1939, USA) is a Crime film directed by Del Frazier.


Main Details

  • Released in 1939
  • B&W
  • Directed by Del Frazier
  • Written by Del Frazier and Florence Lyons
  • Starring: Jack Ingram, Ann Ross, Olin Francis

Plot Summary

  • The crusading Dr. Kent tries to convince the district attorney to clean up the local abortion racket and help open a birth control clinic. But when Kent is dismissed from the hospital, the troubles actually begin.


  • Today a nice girl. Tomorrow marked for life!
  • See... weekend parties, wild youth unleashes blind lust - love hungry, they pay the price of passion!
  • A theme hushed until now - America's greatest menace bared!
  • Sure she got in trouble. Who was to blame?
  • The picture that exposes hushed-up truths!
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