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  • Original Music by Mark Ryder, Phil Davies


A1. Opening Credits A2. Cafe Trancer A3. Lost Angeles A4. Whistler's Alive A5. High Council A6. You'll Be Transferred To His Body A7. Council Ancestors A8. Los Angeles 1985 A9. Deth Vs Santa A10. Don't Piss Me Off A11. Whistler At The Mall [Unused] A12. Trapped In A Tanning Room A13. Long-Second Escape A14. Chinatown A15. Future Man - McNulty At The Door B1. See To Lena B2. Jack Sees Whistler On TV B3. Heading For The Factory B4. Looking For Hap B5. Police Approaching B6. Trancer Cop B7. Would You Kiss Me B8. On The Run From Whistler B9. Back To Chinatown B10. You Love Me B11. Deth Calls Whistler B12. Confrontation On The Roof B13. I'll See You In Hell B14. I Kinda Like It Here B15. End Credits

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