Tower of Evil

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Tower of Evil (1972, USA/UK) is a Horror film directed by Jim O'Connolly

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Main Details

  • Released in 1972 | Color
  • Runtime: 90 min (PAL)
  • Production Co: Fanfare Films, Grenadier Films
  • Distribution Co: Anglo-EMI Film Distributors (1972) (UK) (theatrical), MGM-EMI (1972) (UK) (theatrical), Fanfare Films (1972) (USA) (theatrical), Independent International Pictures (1980) (USA) (theatrical) (as "Beyond the Fog")
  • Directed by Jim O'Connolly
  • Written by George Baxt, Jim O'Connolly
  • Starring: Bryant Haliday, Jill Haworth, Mark Edwards, Jack Watson, Anna Palk, Derek Fowlds, Dennis Price, Anthony Valentine, Gary Hamilton, George Coulouris, William Lucas, John Hamill, Candace Glendenning, Robin Askwith, Seretta Wilson, Fredric Abbott, Mark McBride, Marianne Stone
  • Produced by Richard Gordon, John Pellatt, Joe Solomon
  • Original Music by Kenneth V. Jones
  • Cinematography by Desmond Dickinson
  • Film Editing by Henry Richardson

Also Known As

  • Beyond the Fog (USA)
  • Der Turm der lebenden Leichen (Germany)
  • Devils Tower - Der Schreckensturm der Zombies (Germany)
  • Horror of Snape Island (Canada)
  • Horror on Snape Island


  • They came, they saw, they died!
  • A night of pleasure becomes a night of terror
  • IT WAS A NIGHT OF TERROR... with a liendish creature on the loose!
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