Tiger Killer

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Tiger Killer (Wu Song) (1983, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts-Action film directed by Han Hsiang Li.


Main Details

  • Released on July 3, 1983 (Taiwan; October 28, 1983- Hong Kong)
  • Color
  • Running time: 94 minutes
  • Production Co.: Shaw Brothers
  • Directed by Han Hsiang Li
  • Written by Han Hsiang Li, Guanzhong Luo, Nainan Shi
  • Starring: Lung Ti, Ping Wang, Feng Ku

Main Details

  • Wu Song is a Chinese legend, one of the 108 heroes of Liangshan, as described in the book The Water Margin. He was known as The tiger killing hero. This movie portrays his personal life and relationship between him and his elder brother.
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