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Kate (Chantal Contouri) seems to have a good life, a great job, a house maid and a boyfriend named Derek (Rod Mullinar). Her annual vacation is about to come up but the situation changesdrastically. Strange things begin to happen (blood in the milk). Later on she gets abducted by a mysterious organization. She wakes up in a hospital room and is surrounded by Dr. Gauss (Henry Silva) and Dr. Fraser (David Hemmings). They tell her that the organization is led by Vampires worldwide and she is the last descendant of a long Vampire family dynasty and should now join in with the Vampire clan. But the orphan doesn't remember a thing and forgot her bloodthirst. With all kinds of tricks they try to awaken Kate's thirst again. She sees all the other people, they do not look healthy, why? they draw off their blood. That blood is used for the vampires as their daily food. Kate isn't responding well and the clan wants results, so now they take drastic measures. She can't see what is real or not, but it has just started for Kate, 'coz the thirst finally comes back...

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When you think of Vampires you remember Christopher Lee as Dracula (1957). But this Australian film has nothing to do with the view of Vampires that's in your memory. You don't have Vampires in this story that have super powers, or can only go out at night. I love Vampire films and I would call this movie a lost gem, 'coz it shows a whole different aspect of that genre. Most people say it's a bad movie. I guess they think that's because the Vampires don't act like the movie Vampires they are used to. You just need to be open minded with this movie. Highly Recommended!

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