They Saved Hitler's Brain

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They Saved Hitler's Brain (1968, USA) is a Crime-Thriller film directed by David Bradley


Main Details

  • Released 1968 (TV)
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 91 Min.
  • Production Co: Paragon Films Inc. | Sans-S
  • Distribution Co: Crown International Television (1968) (USA) (TV) (syndication) | Astral Films (1979) (Canada) (16 mm)
  • Directed by David Bradley
  • Written by Steve Bennett, Peter Miles
  • Starring Walter Stocker, Audrey Caire, Carlos Rivas, John Holland, Marshall Reed
  • Produced by Carl Edwards, Anthony Sanucci
  • Cinematography by Stanley Cortez
  • Film Editing by Alan C. Marks

Plot Summary

  • Nazi madmen preserve Hitler's brain on a small tropical island until the time is right to resurrect him and, along with him, the Third Reich.


  • The most incredible plot to conquer the world!
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