They Came To Rob Las Vegas

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They Came To Rob Las Vegas (USA 1968) is a heist/crime film directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi.

They Came to Rob Las Vegas

Main Details

  • Released in 1968
  • Color
  • Distributed by Warner Brothers/Seven Arts
  • Directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi
  • Written by Lluís Joseph Comerón & Jo Eisinger
  • Starring Elke Sommer, Lee Cobb, Jack Palance, Gary Lockwood
  • Music: Georges Garvarentz

Also Known As

  • Las Vegas, 500 Millones (original title, Spain)
  • An einem Freitag in Las Vegas (Germany)
  • Les Hommes de Las Vegas (France)
  • Our Man in Las Vegas (USA TV title)


  • "The scene was the wildest freak-out in Vegas history...and the gig was to grab it all!"
  • "America's free-living and free-wheeling pleasure capital and the men who came to strip it raw!"
  • "They touched the raw Vegas nerve with the wildest heist in history! And they challenged the syndicate boys in their own backyard!"

Grindhouse 101
In Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time Hollywood" you can see a poster of this movie. Another movie that you see both mentioned as well as on posters and marquees in that movie is Three in the Attic. But wait, before you head off.. there is more that connects director Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi to Tarantino: his Eurocrime action flick Summertime Killer will sound familiar to Tarantino fans' ears: its soundtrack appeared on "Kill Bill"
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