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  • Over six gallons of fake blood was used to produce the eight ghastly murders.
  • Lionheart's theatre hideout was the Putney Hippodrome, built in 1906. It had been boarded up for fourteen years when it was chosen as a location for this film.
  • Considered by its star Vincent Price to be his personal favorite of all his films.
  • Vincent Price fell in love with and married actress Coral Browne during production.
  • Robert Fuest was asked to direct.
  • Diana Rigg regards this as her best film.
  • This film was shot entirely on locations in and around London. No scenes were shot in a studio.
  • The final theatrical film of Robert Coote.
  • Lionheart's tomb is an actual monument in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. It belongs to the Sievier family, and shows the sculpted figures of a seated man, one hand placed on the head a woman kneeling in adoration, while the other holds the Bible, its pages opened to a passage in the Book of Luke. This monument was altered for the film by plaster masks of Price and Rigg substituting for the statue's real ones, the Bible became a volume of Shakespeare and there is a suitable engraving at the front with Lionheart's name and dates.
  • The picture of the handsome Elizabethan young man in black cape and white tights shown during the opening credits, and later used as the model for the film's Critic's Circle Award is a painting entitled Young Man Among Roses by Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619), and is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
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