The Woman Who Wouldnt Die

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The Woman Who Wouldn't Die (1965, UK) is a Horror/Thriller film directed by Gordon Hessler.

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Main Titles

  • Released on May 5, 1965 (Denver, Colorado premiere; New York City premiere on December 9, 1965)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 89 minutes (84 minutes for USA version)
  • Production Co.: John Parsons-Neil McCallum Productions | Associated Producers (API) (in association with) | British Lion Films
  • Distribution Co.: BLC Films (UK) | Warner Bros. Pictures (USA)
  • Directed by Gordon Hessler
  • Written by Dan Mainwaring (from Jay Bennett's novel)
  • Starring: Gary Merrill, Jane Merrow, Georgina Cookson

Also Known As

  • Catacombs

Plot Summary

  • An astute businesswoman is completely devoted to her faithless husband, who must kill her to carry on with her pretty young niece. It turns out that the dead don't die so easily.
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