The Wild Racers

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The Wild Racers (1968) is a racing film directed by Daniel Haller and Roger Corman.

Wild racers poster 01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1968
  • Color
  • Sound - Mono
  • Production Co: American International Productions
  • Runtime 83 mins
  • Directed by Daniel Haller & Roger Corman (uncredited)
  • Starring: Fabian, Mimsy Farmer, Alan Haufrect, Judy Cornwell, David Landau, Dick Miller.

Plot Summary

  • A devil-may-care racing driver is paid by an auto tycoon to be a runner-up, not a winner, but he rebels against the crooked deal and becomes an internationally famous racer.


  • From Stock Car To Grand Prix... show him a curve and he'll take it... on two wheels or with a kiss!

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