The Werewolf

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The Werewolf (1956, USA) is a Horror film directed by Fred F. Sears


Main Details

  • Released in 1956
  • B & W
  • Running time: 80 minutes
  • Production Co: Sam Katzman Productions
  • Distribution Co: Columbia Pictures
  • Directed by Fred F. Sears
  • Produced by Sam Katzman
  • Screenplay by Robert E. Kent, James B. Gordon, Story by Robert E. Kent, James B. Gordon
  • Starring: Don Megowan, Joyce Holden
  • Cinematography Edward Linden
  • Edited by Harold White

Plot Summary

  • Two scientists come across an auto accident and find an unconscious man in the wreck. They take him back to their lab and inject him with a serum they have been working with. Unfortunately, the serum has the effect of turning the man into a murderous werewolf.


  • You see it happen!
  • The horror of all mankind terrifies the screen!
  • Scientists turn men into beasts!
  • Horror of the Ages!
  • It happens before your horrified eyes!
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