The True Story of Eskimo Nell/Soundtrack

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< The True Story of Eskimo Nell
  • Original Music by Brian May



A1. Opening Title Music And Mexico Pete's Arrival A2. At The Window And The Flight A3. The Frozen North Love Theme A4. The Alaskan Kid A5. Hey Fellas It's Eumerella A6. Elly's Tune And The Frozen North A7. The Stage Coach A8. Camel Trek A9. Camel Arrival At The Goldfields B1. The Mine Chase B2. Alcoholic Aftermath B3. The Womper Song - Canon B4. The Snowy Trek B5. Eskimo Nell's Hotel Prelude B6. Mexico Pete's Theme B7. Dead Eye Dick's Reprise B8. Frozen North Theme B9. Main Title Theme (The Womper Song

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