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  • Based on a script written by Jack Nicholson, The Trip is a film devoted to the strange mind bending experience of taking LSD aka Acid. Peter Fonda plays Paul Groves, a TV commercial director who decides to try the drug. Thats basically the entire plot of the film. The fun of it all is watching Fonda experience the effects of the acid he's taken. Paul's friend John (Bruce Dern) stays with him in case any negative effects start occuring, and they do. This film of course seems very dated and when Peter Fonda uses the hippie slang of the day, it made me laugh. Roger Corman uses the film as a purely cinematical excursion, and makes it work. Theres short scenes of reality intermixed with the psychadelic dreamlike imagery of Paul's trip. Its actually very well paced and entertaining to watch. Look for Fonda's Easy Rider co-star Dennis Hopper in a small role as a hippie named Max. You can actually see some little cinema elements in this film that would serve as the basis for certain parts of Easy Rider. Featuring some groovy fuzzed out rock music by The American Music Band aka The Electric Flag. --Pete
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