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  • Special FX artist Rick Baker plays a gorilla in the movie.
  • Referenced in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.
  • This movie was parodied in the The Simpsons Halloween episode, Treehouse of Horror II, in which Mr. Burns' head is grafted onto Homer's body.
  • Michael Viner, the head of MGM's soundtrack division, recorded the track Bongo Rock for a chase scene in the movie. When sampled by Kool Herc four years later, it became one of the most important tracks in the foundation of breakbeats and hip hop.
  • Episode #402 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 had Joel Robinson putting Crow's head on Tom Servo's body - Crow immediately shouted, "I call Ray Milland!", causing Tom to grumble, "That makes me Rosey Grier", as Crow teased him about Grier's effeminate hobbies.
  • CAMEOS: Co-Writer-Director Lee Frost as Sergeant Hacker and Writer Wes Bishop as Dr. Smith
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