The Shanghai Killers

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The Shanghai Killers (Zhui Ji) (1971, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts-Action film directed by Tian-Lin Wang.

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Main Details

  • Released on October 7, 1971
  • Color
  • Running time: 82 minutes
  • Production Co.: Golden Harvest
  • Distribution Co.: Hallmark Releasing (USA)
  • Written and directed by Tian-Lin Wang
  • Starring: Maria Yi, James Tien, Hsi Chang

Plot Summary

  • Shih Hai-tung a swordsman seeks revenge for his father's murder knowing that the Golden Gate Sect were responsible. He had killed two Heavenly Dragon Association gangsters creating a significant amount of hostility between the two groups before they meet each other head on.

Also Known As

  • The Chase
  • Slash: Blade of Death


  • You've seen the Fist, now see the Blade!
  • They'll smash you to bits!
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