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Director Emilio P. Miraglia aka "Hal Brady" only officially directed five films during his career, but you can see that he was an excellent stylist from his time behind the camera. His foray into the giallo genre came with The Night Evelyn Came Out Of the Grave, a stylish gothic horror style thriller that is known as one of the best to come out of Italy during the 1970s.

At the opening of the film we see a man escaping from a mental instituion, as the hospital guards chase him we hear Composer Bruno Nicolai's amazingly atmospheric score playing. This man is Lord Alan Cunningham (Anthony Steffen). Alan finally is released from the hospital and goes back to his estate, a large castle which is in partial ruin. In no time, hes back to his debonaire self. Alan picks up a beautiful red haired woman and he heads back to his castle, but before he does, he stops on the side of the road and changes the license plates on his sportscar. When the two arrive back at his mansion, the darkness of night saturates the screen. They head inside, walking through the dark. Suddenly, Alan flips on a light switch and the entire room is alive with bright colors and stark white walls. Its a complete mood shift from the previous shots and you dont expect such a modern room in a decrepid castle. Alan brings the red headed beauty into another room where we see his collection of S&M devices (uh oh!) We then realize that Lord Alan certainly isnt cured of whatever was wrong with him. As the woman undresses, Alan picks up a whip and playfully swirls it around, but then he starts to really hit her hard and he begins to strangle her. Alan begins to exude evidence of psychosis as we see in his thoughts, visions of his wife, another beautiful redhead naked with her secret lover. Alan's twisted acts are due to his obsession with his late wife. Whenever Alan sees a redheaded woman, he loses his mind and begins to break down mentally. Alan has Dr. Richard Timberlane (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) help him, but when he reveals his thoughts, Timberlane tells him he will end up right back in the mental institution if things go too far, not knowing Alan has been preying on women all along. Alan sees another redhead at a nightclub. She is a beautiful stripper named Suzy (Erica Blanc). Alan quickly connects with her, and brings her back to his S&M dungeon where he strangles her, but she manages to stay conscious get away from him.

For Alan, relief finally comes when he meets a blonde beauty named Gladys (Marina Malfatti) at his friends party. In a desperation, Alan asks her to marry him right away. The two become lovers and Alan's psychosis is gone, until he sees his late wife Evelyn appear in the courtyard outside the castle. Evelyn calls to Alan, but he can't take it anymore. More murders begin to occur, but is it Alan or someone else? There are some very shocking death scenes that gore lovers will surely enjoy, one of the most thrilling involves a cage of wild foxes.

The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave is a giallo masterpiece accented by gothic horror themes in the tradition of Mario Bava's best work!


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