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  • It’s 2019 again (yes, Blade Runner) and the new age barbarians have taken over the world. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the last few remaining individuals all want to kill each other. And destroy each others heavily armed Sci-Fi automobiles. Yes, it's a Mad Max 2 rip off. And it’s pretty damn good. From the Claudio Simonetti accompanied opening credits to the spaghetti western esque stand offs The New Barbarians is pure trash fun. There’s no lack of quality elements here; bodies are blown into pieces, heads go flying in the air, and a woman’s right breast is revealed to the camera. The action is always good and often even excellent with loads of car chases, gunplay and explosions. The stunt team may not be on par with that of Mad Max 2, but takes enough damage to have earned their salary. The lead role is played by Giancarlo Prete who isn’t completely free of charisma. But, once again, the supporting cast is stronger. Regular post apocalypse madman George Eastman gives a solid villain performance, and Fred Williamson is running around shooting explosive arrows long before Rambo hit the screens. Part time Miss Italy 1977 (disqualified after being found out being 15 years old) Anna Kanakis has been bribed to play the pic’s only notable female role... and to present us that fore-mentioned right breast. --HungFist
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