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  • After seeing the huge profits that Hemisphere Pictures were making with the softporn German import "The Swinging Stewardesses", producer Sam Sherman set out to find another like-minded foreign import. He was unable to find anything similar, so produced "Naughty Stewardesses" with his longtime associate Al Adamson. The result was one of Independent International's biggest successes.
  • Robert Livingston was a former cowboy film star of the 40s and 50s. Producer Sam Sherman was a big fan of his work and coaxed him out of 15 years of retirement to appear in this film and its follow-up "Blazing Stewardesses".
  • At one point, Al Adamson threatened to walk off the project but was persuaded to stay.
  • Richard Smedley's then wife Lana Wood furiously barged onto the film set when she believed that he was taking part in a porn film.
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