The Miniskirt Murders

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The Young, the Evil and the Savage aka The Miniskirt Murders (1968, Italy) is a giallo by Antonio Margheriti.

The Miniskirt Murders

Main Details

  • Released in 1968
  • Color
  • Running Time: 94 min (uncut)
  • Director: Antonio Margheriti
  • Writers: Giovanni Simonelli, Antonio Margheriti, Franco Bottari, Mario Bava (uncredited)
  • Stars: Mark Damon, Eleonora Brown, Sally Smith
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Produced by Virgilio De Blasi, Lawrence Woolner, Giuseppe De Blasio
  • Cinematography by Fausto Zuccoli
  • Film Editing by Otello Colangeli

Also known as

  • Nude... si muore (original title)
  • The Young, the Evil and the Savage
  • Naked You Die (USA, DVD)
  • School Girl Killer (USA, video title)
  • Sieben Jungfrauen für den Teufel (Germany)


  • SLAVES to their own STRANGE DESIRES! ...prey to the nameless terror that stalks an 'exclusive' girls' school
  • PRISONERS OF THEIR OWN STRANGE DESIRES ...Each a plaything of the other's unholy passions ...Each a prey to the nameless horror that stalks the shadows!
  • The suspense is unbearable, the shock is electrifying, the climax is terrific!!!
  • Behind the spiked gates of this "exclusive" girls' school, live... "THE YOUNG, THE EVIL AND THE SAVAGE."
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