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  • The Australian film industry never really caught on to the whole kung fu craze. The one notable exception is Brian Trenchard-Smith’s The Man From Hong Kong. This film is Australia’s own version of Enter The Dragon. It may not feature the eternal Bruce Lee, but it does feature cult martial arts icon Jimmy Wang Yu (The Chinese Boxer), in the only film he ever made where he was directed by a Caucasian. On the topic of actors, the film also features George “The James Bond everyone hates” Lazenby as the evil villain Jack Wilton and an early appearance by martial arts legend Sammo Hung. The film is shot in true kung fu spirit, heavy on the snap zooms and mind-boggling set-pieces (like the opening fight on Ayers Rock/Uluru). Sammo Hung may only be a minor character in the film, but his very presence is exciting. Jimmy Wang Yu is great as usual sporting some corny dubbing. He plays Fang Sing-Ling, a Hong Kong cop who travels to Australia to assist with extraditing Sammo Hung's character once he tells the police what they want to know. But once there, Fang Sing-Ling is determined to bring Wilton down himself. The film also features a performance by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who some may remember from Stone and as The Toecutter in Mad Max. - Angel
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