The Malibu Bikini Shop/Soundtrack

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Songs included in the movie, there doesn't appear to be an album.

1.Lookin'- Naomi Delgado 2.Silly Boy- Tami Holbrook 3.If The Love Fits- Jacie Berry 4.Give Me Your Love To Dream On- Steve Eaton 5.Girls of Rock 'n' Roll- Carter Robertson, Tami Holbrook, Jacie Berry, and Penny Summers 6.Party Night- Light 7.One Thing Leads To Another- Chris Farren 8.Just Remember- Executive 9.You Make Me Nervous- Diana DeWitt 10.We Found Love- Chris Farren and Carter Robertson 11.Into Something Good- Skip Adams, with Light 12.Don't Let The Moment Go- Jaunice Chamaine 13.Running With a Stranger- Chris Farren

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