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  • Sometimes when watching a Chang Cheh / Venoms film you really start wondering how many pages the screenplay was. The Magnificent Ruffians is a good example of a film with loads of fighting and very little plot (even by genre standards). Feng Lu is Golden Sword, an arrogant martial arts master who wants to find a worthy opponent. He uses his restaurant to lure potential opponents. Hardly surpringly a bunch of venoms find their way into his diner... At 100 minutes the film is a bit too long. Action isn’t especially memorable appart from the excellent final fight (which also benefits from not being overly long like some venoms finales). A bit surprisingly blood and gore is not splattered all over the place; instead the film has a very easy going tone. Perhaps the success of Golden Harvest kung fu comedies in the late 70’s made the studio ask for something less tragic. --HungFist
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