The Limit

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The Limit (1972, USA) is an Action-Crime-Drama film directed by Yaphet Kotto.

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Main Details

  • Released on November 10, 1972 (New York City)
  • Color
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Production Co.: New Era Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Cannon Films
  • Directed by Yaphet Kotto
  • Written by Yapheto Kotto and Sean Cameron
  • Starring: Yaphet Kotto, Quinn K. Redeker, Virgil Frye

Plot Summary

  • In Los Angeles, black motorcycle police officer Mark Johnson patrols gang-infested neighborhoods with his white partner and best friend, Jeff McMillan. One afternoon, Mark has a run-in with a gang known as The Virgins, whose leader, Big Donnie, is taken aback by the policeman's understanding, dignified demeanor despite the gang's constant derision. When Mark advises Donnie not to continue to allow his heavily pregnant girl friend, Judy, to ride a motorbike, the gang leader agrees. Later, after Donnie actively seeks Mark out for advice, the Virgins' second-in-command, Kenny, reacts with outrage.


  • How far will a Black man go... for his woman?
  • The black cop who went the limit with the storm-troopers of hell's highway.
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