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  • The film was in development at American International Pictures. It was given to James H. Nicholson when he left AIP to become an independent producer. It turned out to be his only post-AIP production, as he was stricken by a brain tumor, and died shortly thereafter.
  • The original novel was set in New England, with an American team of psychic investigators. The storyline was changed, to fit the movie's production in England, with British actors playing the investigators.
  • Writer Richard Matheson toned down the graphic violence and more intense sexual scenes of his novel to give the screenplay for the film a more brooding atmosphere.
  • The old books that Ann Barrett sees lined up in the cabinet are titled, from left to right; Obsessive Acts And Religious Practices by Sigmund Freud, The Worship of Priapus by Richard Payne Knight, The Psychology of Sex by H. H. Elliot, Sin And Sex, Conation Volition, Sex And Celibacy by T. Long, The Anatomy of Abuses by Phillip Stubs, Phallic Worship and Auto Erotic Phenomena In Adolescence by K. Menzies.
  • Actor Michael Gough spent a very brief time on the production, which is why he is uncredited. Aside from his short appearance in the films finale Gough's only other contributions to the film were a few recorded lines of dialog.
  • The unsettling tales of Emeric Belasco's acts of debauchery and evil at Hell House were loosely based on stories involving real-life Satanist Aleister Crowley.
  • While the film was released in the US with a P.G. rating, in the UK it curiously received an X rating at first.
  • Richard Matheson wanted Richard Burton and 'Eliabeth Taylor to star in this film.
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