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So, Universal Pictures successfully sued and blocked the North American release of this Italian production in 1982 on grounds of plagiarism of their 1975 picture JAWS. Ridiculous. By that, I mean this movie is ridiculous. So ridiculously entertaining that it warrants no legal action whatsoever. Hell, JAWS inspired a whole animal attack genre and even saw very specific clones BARRACUDA and PIRANHA within a year's time. THE LAST SHARK isn't just a copycat, it's that rare beast that swims the uncharted waters of Italian exploitation - a realm of cannibal savages, misogynistic zombies, and post-apocalyptic bikers. This isn't a movie where a shark attacks beach goers - this is a movie where beach goers explode, literally, at mere contact with a shark. This is a movie where one or two American stars appear, speaking English, but are still clearly dubbed with the rest of the European cast. This is a movie with only enough budget to share between an inadequate FX department and a composer lazily programming a monotonous score that grows irresistible. And most importantly, this is a movie directed by Enzo G. Castellari (INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and BRONX WARRIORS trilogy) and written by Vincenzo Mannino (MURDER ROCK, RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS, HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK). Need I say more? I didn't think so.


Josh Stephenson was born in Florida, schooled in Chicago, and lives in New Orleans. His mother went into labor while his father and brother were attending a theatrical double feature of EXCALIBUR and BLOOD BEACH. A youth spent in the VHS rental heyday led to a lifelong addiction to movies. He holds a BS in Television Journalism from the University of Florida and a BA in Film Editing from Columbia College Chicago. He continues to work in the Louisiana film industry despite a government-issued tax cap.

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