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  • When fledgling director Wes Craven took this film to the MPAA, they slapped it with an "X" rating. Wanting an R for wider release, Craven went back and removed ten minutes of footage. However, this still wasn't enough and the film still got an "X" rating. Once again Craven removed footage, this time taking out 20 minutes. It still wasn't enough. Finally, Craven put all of the original footage back in, got an authentic "RATED R" seal of approval from the film board from a friend of his, put it on the film and released it.
  • Wes Craven took Mari Collingwood's surname from his high school.
  • Wes Craven later used the name "Krug" in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) for the film's villain, "Freddy KRUEGer." In both films the name is used for teenage murderers.
  • Based on the film Jungfrukällan (1960)
  • This movie has been banned several times in the UK by the BBFC. Originally, in 1974, it received an R rating and was banned. In 1984, it was banned again when it became a "video nasty", and remained that way until 2000, where it again received an R rating. In 2001, it, yet again, received an R rating and remained banned. Finally, a video version in 2002 was passed with around 30 seconds of cuts for an 18 rating, ending a 28 year streak of being banned. It was finally passed fully uncut by the BBFC in March 2008.
  • A mixture of red and blue food coloring mixed with caramel syrup was used for the fake blood, which - contrary to most movie blood - actually looks real.
  • According to various cast and crew members (especially David Hess and Fred J. Lincoln), actress Sandra Cassel was genuinely terrified throughout most of the shoot, at one point walking off-set.
  • When distribution companies Hallmark and Atlas International released the movie in Germany, they attempted to pass it off as an actual "snuff" film (i.e., a real murder staged for the camera).
  • Cameo: [Steve Miner] (production assistant) hippie taunting the sheriff and deputy.
  • Producer Sean S. Cunningham's station wagon is used when Lucy Grantham and Sandra Cassel are driving in the beginning.
  • According to director Wes Craven, the crew set up a special editing office to restore prints returned from cinemas because "every one would come back chopped up by theater owners".
  • Was banned for over 32 years in Australia. It was finally commercially available through DVD in 2004.
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