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Dr. Norman Boyle (Paolo Malco) moves from New York to Boston with his wife Lucy (Catriona MacColl) and his son Bob (Giovanni Frezza), to pursue the work of Dr. Jacob A. Freudstein (Giovanni De Nava). The family stays at the old house of the Freudsteins (a coincidence?). Some strange noises begin coming from the basement but they don't take it seriously. Doc Boyle starts his work and Daniel Douglas (Gianpaolo Saccarola) - The Librarian - shows him the last things Mr. Freudstein was doing before he died (by the way he committed suicide). That ain't a part of the job but he's so fascinated that he researches further. Meanwhile, their son Bob meets Mae (Silvia Collatina), a girl around his age (she's Doc Freudstein's daughter but she can't tell him about it). Mae tells him to leave the house and go away. Too bad his parents don't believe him. One day he's in the basement - Ann (Ania Pieroni) - The Babysitter - already had been killed. He sees heads, dead bodies, and gore. Damn, it was Doc Freudstein. He looks like a zombie and needs fresh meat to live further. His parents try to save him but Pa Norman nearly hits him with an axe through the wooden door. 'Nuff said, the rest would be Spoilers.

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Lucio Fulci, thank you man. I read some online reviews and many people talk negatively about the film. Why's that? You don't have to compare each movie a director did in his career and jab about which is better. A film is a single piece of art. I enjoyed the close up shots a lot (only the Italians and of course Quentin Tarantino can do them the right way). Awesome. My favorite scenes were, with the bat, the axe through the wooden door and the child's head behind it, and the scene where the zombie pulls the mother down the ladder. The only comment I have is the ending. Doesn't fit in with the story and I think was only made 'coz they had no time to finish up. (who knows?). Highly Recommended!

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