The Heroin Busters/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Goblin


A1 La Via Della Droga, M1, M4 End titles (Full Version) A2 Hong Kong (Main Titles), M2 A3 Cartagena, M3 A4 The Couriers' Arrival, M5 A5 The Stakeout, M6 A6 Blitz At The Hotel, M7 A7 Drug Coat, M8 A8 Beating, M9 A9 Withdrawal Symptoms, M10 A10 Heroin, M11 A11 Heroin, M11 (Unused Version) A12 Abjection / Jailbreak M12+M13 A13 Mike And Fabio, M14 A14 Psychedelic Lesbo, M15 A15 Psychedelic Lesbo, M15 (Unused Version) A16 Manhunt, M16 A17 Assignment In Genoa, M17 A18 Jewelry Store Robbery, M18 B1 The End Of Gillo And Vera. M19 B2 The End Of Gillo And Vera, M19 (Unused Version) B3 The Bait, M20 B4 Courthouse, M21 B5 Shooting At The Courthouse, M22 B6 Motorbike Escape, M23 B7 Tailing 1, M24 B8 Tailing 2, M25 B9 Raid At The Chemical, M26 I/II B10 Breathless Run, M27 B11 In The Construction Site, M28 B12 Chased, M29 B13 In The Tunnel, M30 B14 Motocross At Caracalla, M31 (Unused) B15 Air Duel, M32 (Unused) B16 Bonus Track: Amsterdam - Hong Kong - Cartagena - Roma - New York, M1 - M4 (Film Version)

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