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  • It was after director Richard Donner had asked for a screening of this film and seen Jeff East's performance that East subsequently got the part of the young Clark Kent in Superman (1978).
  • Students from Northern Arizona University appear as extras in the film.
  • The movie was a production of two theatre owners in Des Moines, Iowa, Robert Fridley and Dick Davis. After the success of Animal House (1978), there were some theatrical showings of this under the title "Here Come the Delts" with a new ad campaign. Weekly Variety reviewed "The Hazing" in their January 18, 1978 issue. It opened in December 1977 in the Omaha-Kansas City-Des Moines area.
  • In addition to playing the ice man, Hal Smith dubbed in the voices for Mr. Askin and the gas station attendant.
  • Film debut of Jim Boelsen.
  • Shot in thirty days.
  • Hal Smith only worked for one day.
  • Jim Boelsen originally auditioned for the role of Barney.
  • Jeff East fell down for real while running in the woods in a jockstrap.
  • David Hayward didn't have to audition for his role as Carl Lewis.
  • Jim Boelsen based his portrayal of Phil on wrestlers he knew in high school as well as various professional wrestlers.
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