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What we got here is a soft-core porno which follows the adventures of mob enforcer, and the Don's Godson, Marco Santino (Played by Jason Yukon, who packs a nifty afro and sideburns) Marco's currently stuck in the brothel business and has dreams of moving up in the organization. All the while, he gets it on with the clients and we see the clients get it on with the customers. That's all the plot really. Of course, there's an eventual showdown between Marco and a rival in the end, but the outcome doesn't really matter 'cause you'll be bored and won't care. Might not be hard to believe, but despite alllllll the skin and allllllll the sex, this flick is really tedious. But since this is a fairly early production from Harry Novak which mixes a crime story with sexploitation, I'll give him a pass. Because things would eventually flow a little bit better in future entries like A Scream in the Streets , for instance. Pin-Up hotties Deborah McGuire and Uschi Digard make appearances. --Laydback - 9/22/07

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