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"AAARRRROOOOOOOWW!!" Paul Naschy is back as misanthropic lycanthrope Waldemar Daninsky in this; the 4th installment of the Spanish actor/writer/directors El Hombre Lobo saga.

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Molested by a Yeti while on an expedition to Tibet, Daninsky is infected with a nasty case of the hairies. To add insult to injury he discovers his wife is having an affair and only narrowly escapes with his life when her lover tampers with the brakes on his car. That night he gives Mrs D a werewolf hickey and sinks his fangs into lover boy too. Cue budget stretching recycled footage from Naschy’s 1st outing as Daninsky – The Mark of the Wolfman (aka ‘Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror’) before our hero is apparently electrocuted by a fallen power line (!)

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A colleague, and ex-girlfriend, named Illona, aware that it takes more than a few thousand volts to snuff out a werewolf, digs him up and makes him a subject in her experiments with ‘chemotrobes’: electronic impulses designed to subordinate the will of others to Ilona’s control. Illona’s dungeon laboratory, in the conveniently named Castle Wolfstein, is also home to several mumbling madmen, a few partially glimpsed mutant plant creatures and a rubber faced phantom.

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The ‘chemotrobe’ crazed wolfman escapes long enough to rampage through some more recycled footage and pause momentarily to peep at a young lady getting undressed for bed. The climactic moonlit showdown between old fang face and his now equally hirsute spouse is a real monster mash. Yep, Daninsky’s little love bite has passed the Tibetan curse on to the unfaithful Mrs D. To make matters worse she’s hyped on ‘chemotrobes’ so now the fur is really gonna fly. Will there be enough silver bullets to go round?

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Even by the high standards of dementia that fans have come to expect of Naschy’s Hombre Lobo series ‘Fury Of The Wolfman’ is one whacked out hairy freak of a movie. Seriously, after just 40 minutes I was checking the alcohol content on the hooch I was slugging convinced that I couldn’t be so drunk so soon.

Utterly incoherent but never dull ‘Fury Of The Wolfman’ is another lurid pulp horror stomp through classic monster movie clichés from Naschy. And yes, just as in every other film that he both writes and stars in, there is the obligatory naked love scene between Naschy and the youngest of his leading ladies. He writes the scripts, he wears the fangs, he squeezes the dames. "AAARRRROOOOOOOWW!".


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