The Executioner: Part 2

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The Executioner: Part 2 (1984, USA) is a Crime film directed by James Bryan.


Main Details

  • Released in 1984
  • Color
  • Runtime: 85 mins
  • Distributed by 21st Century Film Corporation
  • Directed by James Bryan
  • Starring Christopher Mitchum, Aldo Ray


  • Beware rapists, killers & muggers! He's back to get you...


  • An L.A. cop and a reporter track down a serial killer.


We have another exploitation rip-off here and it's called The Executioner 2. I tried to find the first Executioner movie but that ended with failure. Why? Because this was made to cash-in on Exterminator 2! That means it is NOT even a sequel to any other movie. Well, that's a bad sign right there. The last "fake sequel" movie I watched was Leonard Part 6 (which deserves the bad reputation it gets) and I loved the original The Exterminator so I had no idea what this movie would be like going in. Judging from the poster it looked like another Italian post-apocalypse action film. There's cool images of airplanes, helicopters and explosions on there. Sadly, besides the opening scenes, none of these things happen at all. The first five minutes is a flashback to the Vietnam war...MORE

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