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  • The best bits in this flick are the opening credits with psychedelic tinted stills of Brown and Tang exploding onto the screen accompanied by Charles Earland's warped Hammond funk score. The soundtrack is available now on CD from any record shop with an ounce of taste. Here we go then: A badaass brother name of Razor be dealing in heroin shipments to sell in Watts. Meanwhile Larry Chin (Tang) hops off the boat from Hong Kong only to get his ass kicked as he steps onto US soil. These young punks' shaky Kung-Fu is no match for Chin's ball-breaking moves as he whups them all , looking like Bruce Lee on his day off. Chin is in town looking for his brother but ain't having much luck Enter main man Stud (played by All-Pro Philadelphia Eagles running back Timothy Brown) complete with open shirt and medallion. He and Chin end up being arrested for doing jack and are cuffed together for fun but escape after creaming a truck load of stinking rednecks. Razor and his fellow badass brothers are on the hunt for Chin and Stud. They visit Smiling man at his club Shanty and carve a smile on his chest for good measure as he won't grass on Stud who, coincidentally turns up to kick all their asses with help from Chin's Kung-Fu moves. Stud meets a mute girl Sarah (Speed) and sings her a little song which is stupid and Chin learns of his brother's death. There are many shoot-outs and fights but the budget didn't stretch to blood squibs on the actors! Razor kills Sarah only to have his ass blown away by Stud who hot tails it to the heroin smugglers castle HQ with Chin who has a big surprise waiting for him. His brother never died and is the head of drug dealing operations. Anyway, a huge battle commences and everybody kicks everyone else's ass!!!!! --Mark Banville
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