The Dragon, The Young Master

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The Dragon, The Young Master (1978, HK) is a Brucesploitation-Martial Arts film directed by Godfrey Ho.


Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Distributed by New World Pictures (1982) (USA)
  • Directed by Godfrey Ho
  • Starring Dragon Lee, Marty Chui, Ben Lee, Kelvin Chan, Jackie Lee, Tony Min
  • Produced by George Lai, Joseph Lai, Thomas Tang
  • Film Editing by Vincent Leung

Plot Summary

  • Set during the 1920s in snow covered Manchuria. Kao-Ying sells information on the mining operation in Manchuria to the Japanese Intelligence Agency. He's rewarded with a large quantity of jewelry.

Also Known As

  • The Deadly Silver Ninja (International) (English title)
  • Yong li ren zhe
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