The Disco Godfather

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The Disco Godfather (1980, USA) is a Blaxploitation film directed by J. Robert Wagoner.

The Disco Godfather

Main Details

  • Released in 1980
  • Color
  • Running Time: 93 Min.
  • Production Co: Generation International
  • Distribution Co: Transvue Pictures Corp. (1979) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by J. Robert Wagoner
  • Written by Cliff Roquemore, J. Robert Wagoner
  • Starring Rudy Ray Moore, Carol Speed, Jimmy Lynch, Jerry Jones, Lady Reed
  • Produced by Jules Bihari, Rudy Ray Moore, Robert Rooks, Cliff Roquemore, Burt Steiger, Theodore Toney
  • Original Music by Ernie Fields Jr.
  • Cinematography by Arledge Armenaki
  • Film Editing by Garner M.J. Morris

Also Known As

  • Avenging Disco Godfather
  • Avenging Godfather


  • Touch him and you're dust!


Commonly considered a blaxploitation film, the plot centers on Moore's character, a retired cop who owns and operates a disco and tries to shut down the local angel dust (PCP) dealer after his nephew (Julius Carry) gets "whacked out" on the drug. Another PCP user's claim to have served her own baby as Easter dinner constitutes a version of the urban legend known as "The Baby-Roast." (Wikipedia)

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