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This overlooked classic Macaroni Combat movie has it. Really good cinematography, a good score by veteran composer Riz Ortolani, and a cast of interesting actors, even though Hilton doesn't shine in this at all, but Kinski does, playing the American Colonel like he was born to play it. The movie is about two war criminals (Kinski and Saunders) who face death by firing squad. The rookie officer (Hilton) is tasked to carry it out, but they end up being ambushed by German troops, and the three escape, fate turning them into unintended partners on an escape through the enemy territory. Initially, the officer still intends to turn the two others in, but he begins to realize that they're actually fine soldiers. When they enter a little Italian town, they're greeted as liberators, yet German troops are closing in on the city, and it's a fight they can't win.... A really great little movie absolutely worth seeing. --Seb

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