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  • Damn! We had some real A-list actors in this Exploitation flick and one was better than the rest. Christopher Lee was bad, Telly Savalas was bad, O.J. Simpson was (of course) bad, but Peter Fonda was the sure shot. Mr. Fonda beat them all, acting-wise. Incredible. I wish I could have seen this movie at the Grindhouses. Sorry, I have to run it through my memory now, I've still got the scene in my mind where Christopher Lee and Peter Fonda were together and how wack was Christopher Lee? Can't believe it! Telly Savalas was acting like Kojak (who loves ya baby?). His shirt open, the glasses and so on but gladly no lollipop! Cool story, so you got my will to watch the movie -laughs-. Recommended! --GBS
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